May Russia assume her International Responsibilities so that the Decolonization process of Cabinda is eventually brought to a successful Conclusion.

Russia Africa 2019

The Russian Federation, under the leadership of president Vladimir Putin, is irrefutably committed to advancing the rule of law all over the world, i.e. to achieving the UN ideal of universal peace through the observance of the core values articulated in the existing tools of international law. Bearing this in mind, the Russia–Africa Summit and Economic Forum scheduled for 23-24 October 2019 in Sochi (Russia) is a great opportunity for Russians and Africans, and therefore a welcome event in the eyes of the still subjugated African people of Cabinda.

Seeing the relevance of Moscow’s business program architecture for Russia-Africa economic forum, it is clear the essence of the 2019 Russia-Africa Summit aims to contribute to a more sustainable and balanced development across Africa, as well as to unearth new forms of fertile cooperation. Yet the question arises as to whether African leaders have gotten the highly developed political awareness required to be up to the task of Russia’s relevant ambition. Hence, it is our task and duty to draw your attention to the most critical issues likely to undermine Russia’s goodwill.

The colonial occupation of Cabinda by Angola since 1975, which was masterminded by Western imperialist nations through paragraph 1(e) of the UN GA Resolution 1542 (XV) of 15 December 1960, is, in addition to issues such as Africa’s ever-growing “odious debt” and chronic “political instability and insecurity, a major challenge Russia needs to address without further delay if she aims to succeed in Africa. Needless to say Russia’s entitlement to deal with said issues is consistent with her obligations as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, and as a full member of the C-24.

As far as Africa is concerned, President Putin’s Russia is a trustworthy Russia. Bearing this in mind, in February 2013, the Cabindan National Movement (CNM) exhorted President Vladimir Putin to sponsor an “international conference on the present condition and future prospects of the Congo basin and Africa.” CNM wanted the Conference to originate an economic plan likely to reconcile the dependence of Western Europe’s very existence on African natural resources and the right of African children to live prosperous lives thanks to their respective countries’ raw materials.

The Conference failed to take place, and CNM hopes that the Russia-Africa Summit and Economic Forum 2019 to be hosted by Sochi will consider the need for a mutual understanding between Africa and Western Europe. In this connection, CNM expects Russia to consider the cries of pain that rise up from Cabinda, and also take into consideration CNM’s request to be heard by the UN Special Political and Decolonization Committee, i.e. 4th Committee, so that the decolonization process of Cabinda is eventually brought to a successful conclusion.[1]

[1] CNM Request to UN Fourth Committee:

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In the name of the oppressed people of Cabinda, Bartolomeu Capita thanks you very much for your time, your empathy, and your help in this matter.


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