CABINDA, in the light of the 1885 international protectorate treaty with Portugal and of the OAU’s 1963 list of the African countries, is a sovereign State in international law. Despite Cabinda’s well known legal and political sovereignty, particular Western European imperialist powers made use of all sorts of trickeries to help Angola (MPLA) occupy Cabinda militarily in 1975. This illegal occupation was intended to have full control over Cabinda’s natural wealth and resources, particularly oil, diamonds, gold, uranium, hardwood, etc… Angola’s ruling party (MPLA) has since then become an African mercenary entity in charge of terrorizing and murdering Cabindans as a people and nation on a worldwide scale. Even though the prevailing difference between Cabinda and Angola is of the nature referred to in Article 34 of the Charter of the United Nations, and even though the occupation of Cabinda entails the most serious crimes that fall within the jurisdiction of ICC (International Criminal Court), both the United Nations and the United States turn out to be unable to promote appropriate application and implementation of international law in Cabinda and Africa at large. How come?

In his work Cabinda: Obama’s Challenges in Africa, Bartolomeu Capita is explaining that as long as there is no «Economical Plan» designed to reconcile the dependence of Western Europe’s very existence on African natural resources and the right of African children to live prosperous lives thanks to their respective countries’ natural wealth, no country will help Africa make the type of progress that time demands.

“Up to Africans to understand that Western European powers’ policy consist in making every endeavor so that we ultimately end up endorsing “Barabbas” and destroying “Jesus”.

That is the political system set up by Conservatives and Liberals, and progressives alike. Whereas Liberals and progressives instigate the world to take a dislike to our faithful leaders (“Jesus”) by demonizing them as “band of black racists” and as mere “bandits in the pay of CIA”, Conservatives do the same by portraying them as “terrorists” and “dangerous communists”.

Just like Neto, Angola’s President Dos Santos is a real “Barabbas” Westerners are forcing us to endorse since 1979. If not, how can people explain the fact that, since Angola’s attainment of independence in 1975, both left-wing and right-wing-led Western constitutional states are cynically downplaying the MPLA-regime’s recurrent crimes that fall within the jurisdiction of the international criminal court?”

Excerpt from the book “Cabinda: Obama’s Challenges in Africa”, by Bartolomeu Capita, Chiado Publishing / Portugal & UK: 2013, p.200.

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