The following interview was conducted with a Cabinda Human Rights activist, Daniel Luzolo in the Easternmost State of the US, who wished to encourage his fellow citizens in Cabinda and around the world to remain united amid persecution and struggle in rescue of your stolen identity through a peaceful revolution.

What is your view on the political position of the various political movements struggling for Cabinda’s independence?

Well, there is one demonstrations above all that must be currently taking place in the Cabinda situation as we call it, all the movements must be composed of a unity considering that majority of the people are united, and the other has to be principally composed of a struggle towards a peaceful revolution, we understand that each movement has their own demands, however the target and goals remain the same for all. Women must also be brought into the table when it comes to decision for what is in the pipe and why it is worth dying for, they understand the struggle better than anyone else. The projects to protest the invasion and stop the division set forth by the regime of MPLA must lead us to be united as a solution to overcome our stumble.

It is worth noting that each movement makes its own searches, challenges, manifestations, appointments, exoneration without knowing the real reasons e.g. the demonstrations must be unanimous, because in addition to the devotion of more people, we will also be showing unity and strength against the opponent invader regime that has been in our land since late 1974.

What do you think the behavior should be like as movements to better impact them when it comes to the difficult mission that lies ahead of the Cabinda struggle?

Knowing how to listen to opinions, respecting different views, reflecting on them and acting for the best for all was and still is the core value that drove the first three movements MLEC (Movement for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda, ALLIAMA (Mayombe National Alliance), and CAUNC (Action Committee of the Cabinda National Union) that merged to a successful unity that gave place to FLEC as the most powerful movement based on unity ever crested in Cabinda. Thus, being the example to follow, of course carrying all actions in a more urban and diplomatic manner as well as approaching the American people to help achieve the goal, bearing in mind that they cherish God, liberty and life, this is what makes them even stronger.

For instance, they say never fire a messenger because you end up not listening to the message. As much as we think this or that message is not good in the same way, we can find something good in the message.

When talking about unity in Cabinda, as a human rights activist, what is your position and what do you recommend to the movements?

Lecturing by developing subjects to clarify not only the movements’ constituents but also the world and Cabinda people as whole. We have been doing it but it can be better through meeting among the leaders of each movement, Discretion, and diligence – we must remain firm in the oath in defense of the Cabinda case and fully comply with our commitments and votes as activists who dream something better for our identity, almost unknown today. As an activist I am part of a group ( that has been driving around the United States and within institutions to sermon our history, identity and who we are as people living under the control of a foreign invader country.

We are honored for conducting this interview with Daniel Luzolo who is a Human rights activist for Cabinda, and we hope to be able to do that often in a near future. Let us hope his people and those that can help in way for his cause can hear and bring into practice the ideals of this brilliant man who comes all the way from Cabinda.

Thank you Daniel for your precious time with us for this interview.

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